Our services

We offer both prints on Canvas, Ultra Lite and paper. The maximum size is determined by the printer which is a state of the art Epson P7560  24” printer using 12 different pigment inks.

The most important issue in printing is that the photo you view on your monitor resembles as closely as possible the print you received from the printer. The best way to assure this is to use a colour managed workflow.

Monitor and media

Our monitors are calibrated every 3 weeks with an Eye one Display2 device and we make sure that our canvas and papers are always up to date with profiles.

Canvas printing


Since we use now only SATIN canvas coating has become an option.

Stretching the Canvas

After the artwork is printed it is fixed to a wooden frame (stretched). We use a state of the art Tensador II stretching machine which assures an even and reproducible stretching   When making enlargements for canvas, it is common to wrap a portion of the image around the wooden stretcher bars, creating a gallery wrap. However, when wrapping an image in this way, important detail can be lost near the edges. We offer as a free service our mirror Gallery Wrap feature which automatically creates extended margins by reflecting or stretching the areas near the edge of the image allowing you to create a gallery wrap without sacrificing any of the original image

Finishing the Canvas

You will benefit from the superior finishing offered by Canvas Photo Noosa. We carefully trim the excess canvas at the back of the frame, tape the back with 100% acid-free framers tape. This provides protection against dust. Nickel plated triangular hooks and a 2mm cord are inserted for hanging. This also means that you can move the hooks if required. This is very convenient when you want to order the same canvas again you just quote the Job Number and we print the same photo again. You don't even have to send us your file again, we keep your file on our raid for at least one calendar year. This is a free service of Canvas Photo Noosa.

Your print is shipped ready to hang straight out of the box.

Ultra Light printing

The photo is mounted on a 5mm or 10mm foam core board and is extremely lite

Advantages of the system:

  • Very well priced - only a fraction of a canvas print
  • Very light but also very strong
  • Very modern display
  • Finely structured media
  • Any size and ratio
  • Standard sizes up to 60x90cm ( A1 )


Last but not least we take the utmost care when preparing the print for delivery. We use several layers of bubble wrap to protect your canvas as a final barrier against mistreatment.